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Global Implications for the United States Political Crises

By Abayomi Azikiwe Peoples and governments across the international spectrum have looked aghast at the burgeoning divisions within United States society centered around the legislative and administrative direction of the country. On January 6, thousands […]

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Bay Area Reclaiming the Radical Legacy of Dr. King: Anti Police-Terror Project to Lead 7th Annual Weekend of Action

By Anti Police-Terror Project For Immediate Release Contact: Cat Brooks, January 12, 2021 Reclaiming the Radical Legacy of Dr. King: Anti Police-Terror Project to Lead 7th Annual Weekend of Action  Weekend Culminates with King […]

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Donald Trump’s Beer Hall Putsch

By David Sole On November 8, 1923 Adolph Hitler led a march of hundreds of armed Nazi Party members, right-wing veterans and supporters in the German city of Munich in an attempted insurrection (putsch).  They […]

Congress under siege
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The Fascist Danger of January 6 and Beyond

By Moratorium Now Coalition of Detroit, Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement, Peoples Alliance Bay Area Join a virtual meeting to discuss the crisis of Trump’s attempted coup. Monday, January 11 at 7 P.M. ET, […]

African American voters line up in Georgia
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Georgia Twin Runoff Election Results Fuel Right-wing Unrest

By Abayomi Azikiwe A highly contested presidential election on November 3, coupled with the outcome of the runoff poll in Georgia which is determining the power relations within the United States Senate, has undoubtedly prompted […]

Widespread public support for GIs who refused illegal orders during the Vietnam era
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Attention! Refuse to Follow Trump’s Illegal Orders to Overturn the Election

In response to the attempted coup by Trump, Fighting Words is reprinting the call issued by Moratorium Now Coalition – Detroit;  Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement; and Peoples Alliance – Bay Area on November […]

Polisario Front women soldiers march in formation
International News

United States and Morocco Redraw Map of North African Territory

By Abayomi Azikiwe There is a major effort underway to convince and coerce African and Asian nations to “normalize” relations with the State of Israel in exchange for promised United States financial, military and diplomatic […]

Bolivian President Luis Arce on Monday appointed the new high command of the Armed Forces, in an official ceremony held at the Great House of the People
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Latin America news

Evo Morales: Situation in Peru Reveals “Double Standards” of Lima Group and OAS Bolivian Police Confirms Former Jeanine Añez’s Ministers Escaping to Brazil and Panama President of Bolivia Changes Military Hierarchy Venezuela’s National Assembly Elections: […]


Fight for $15 in Detroit on Strike on Dec. 7

By Fighting Words Detroit Staff On December 7 at noon, Fight for $15, an organization representing low-wage workers in Detroit, held a brief strike against McDonald’s to continue to press for a Federal minimum wage […]

Ethiopia GERD project delayed due to interference from Egypt and US
International News

GERD, Border Disputes and the Quest for African Unity

By Abayomi Azikiwe Since November 4, the focus of the international community in their observations of the internal conflict in Ethiopia has largely been centered on the central government’s suppression of a rebellion against its […]