Ukraine’s First Lady begs capitalists at the World Economic Forum for help
International News

Ukraine scrambles for more military aid

By David Sole Ukraine’s leadership is desperate for a “magic bullet” to save its deteriorating military situation in its war with the Russian Federation. February 24 will mark the first anniversary of the start of […]

British rail workers strike along with many other unions
International News

British Strike Wave Approaches General Strike Levels

By Gerry Scopppettuolo Since Britain’s Rail, Maritime and Transport Union (RMT) went on strike last June a torrent of working-class anger throughout the United Kingdom has been unleashed that today resembles a general strike across […]

Peru mass demonstrations against coup
International News

Unrest Spreads Across Peru After Massacre of Civilians

By Abayomi Azikiwe Since the ouster by the parliament of former leftwing President Pedro Castillo in December, demonstrations demanding his release from detention and the reversal of the military-backed coup have been unrelenting. Official figures […]

Russian troops in Soledar
International News

Again Bakhmut – Soledar Falls to the Russians

By David Sole The town of Soledar lies in the northwest of the Donetsk province annexed by Russia in the Ukraine conflict. Before the fighting between Ukraine and the Russian Federation Soledar had a population […]

Brazil pro-democracy demonstration
International News

Brazil President Lula Seeking Prosecution of Attempted Coup Leaders

  By Abayomi Azikiwe Just one week after the Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was inaugurated for another term of office, right-wing elements aligned with the former neo-fascist head-of-state, Jair Bolsonaro, attacked government […]

Domestic News

Crypto’s collapse strikes deep into Black community

  By Chris Fry Back in July 2014, published an article by Black writer Jamelle Bouie titled “The Crisis in Black Home Ownership”, which described the catastrophic impact of the Great Recession on Black […]

Domestic News

Energy Companies Cashing in on Ukraine War

By David Sole The Russian Federation’s Special Military Operation into Ukraine began February 24, 2022. In response, the United States, the U.K and the European Union initiated widespread economic sanctions intending to crash the Russian […]

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