Rosa Parks in May 1971
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Tulsa massacre of 1921 where white mobs attacked the African American community killing 300 people.
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Possible Graves Identified of 1921 Tulsa Massacre Victims

By Abayomi Azikiwe For many years the white mob attacks against the African American community in Tulsa, Oklahoma during late May and early June of 1921 have been cited to illustrate the oppressive and violent […]

Migrant families caged in a makeshift detention center
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Groups tell Congress – Impeach Trump for hate crimes

By Fighting Words staff The following letter was sent to the Democratic Party leadership in the House of Representatives urging that an article of impeachment be drawn up against President Trump for hate crimes against […]

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Invader or invaded

By Cassandra Devereaux Vicente Guerrero was the first descendant of African slaves to serve as a North American head of state. He was a general in the war for Mexico’s independence from the Spanish Empire, […]

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Trumpism: the Nature of the Beast – Part 3

By Cassandra Devereaux It is no coincidence that reactionary movements never fail to denounce communism. While the Klan was marching, the Black League murdering, the American Bund tossing up Nazi salutes, communists were hard at […]

NAACP Picket against Birth of a Nation
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Trumpism: The Nature of the Beast – Part 2

By Cassandra Devereaux By 1913, the Klan had a vocal supporter in the White House in Woodrow Wilson. Wilson screened the detestable Klan “origin” film Birth Of A Nation. This was the film which directly inspired […]

Two demonstrators stand against the National Action Group, a white supremacist group, at an event in February 1972.
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L. Brooks Patterson’s cancer announcement elicits zero sympathy

By Jerry Goldberg and David Sole Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson’s cancer announcement brings back a lot of memories, but no sympathy. Patterson made his name as the lawyer for the racist anti-busing organization, […]

Lt Christopher Hasson of the US Coast Guard with weapons.
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The Coast Guard Nazi: A symptom of the system

By Cassandra Devereaux A man in Kentucky shoots two Black customers in a grocery store parking lot after he is unable to enter a historically Black church to carry out a planned massacre. Another in […]