Polish May Day march against Ukraine war
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US trained and armed Taiwan troops
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Gaza, Ukraine and China

By David Sole Despite all the bitter division between Democrats and Republicans in Congress, a bipartisan series of foreign aid bills, totaling $95 billion was passed on April 20. The payouts, mainly in military assistance […]

Nazi symbols common in some Ukraine military units
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Ukraine military breaking up

By David Sole There are signs that the Ukrainian military is disintegrating. One of the strongest units, the 67th Separate Mechanized Brigade (Right Sector Volunteer Corps) is being broken up by Ukraine’s military command. The […]

Niger demonstration against US imperialism
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Ukraine is having trouble filling military ranks
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Ukraine Expands Draft – Again

By David Sole Just days after President Zelensky signed a bill lowering Ukraine’s draft age from 27 to 25, his parliament passed an extensive law for full military mobilization. These actions reflect the desperate military […]

Ukrainian recruiting station in Kiev looking for more cannon fodder for the proxy war
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Zelensky Delusional as Ukrainian Troops Retreat

By David Sole Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky appeared delusional in several interviews given in the past few days. Grim reports from all sources show the Ukraine’s armed forces understaffed, exhausted, short of ammunition and retreating […]

French troops are deployed to Lithuania. Could Ukraine be next?
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Ukraine tank disabled in cross border attack on Belgorod Province on March 12

Ukraine Tries to Grab Headlines

By David Sole The Ukrainian military has tried to grab headlines with bold military strikes against the Russian Federation itself. These tactics, however, are insignificant when one considers the battlefront situation along the line of […]

U.S. supplied Abrams M-1 tank burning on Ukraine battlefield west of Avdeyevka
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