No U.S. War on Iran

Emergency Rally in San Francisco

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By Terri Kay

About 50 people rallied on Mission Street in San Francisco on Tuesday, June 25th, for an emergency rally, demanding “No U.S. War on Iran” and “End the Sanctions Now”. The speakout/rally was initiated by the ANSWER Coalition and endorsed by other organizations, including the Communist Workers League – Bay Area, the Peoples Alliance and Marcha Patriotica de Colombia.

The organizers stated: “The Trump administration is actively considering carrying out a military strike of an unknown magnitude against Iran. This is an outrage that threatens to engulf the Iranian people and potentially the Middle East as a whole in a disastrous military conflict. The people of the United States need to stand up and say NO to war and all other forms of aggression against Iran.”

Speakers included Eyad Kay, Richard Becker of Party for Socialism and Liberation, Alice Loaiza of Marcha Patriotica de Colombia, and Terri Kay of Peoples Alliance.

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