Detroit People’s Task Force Holds Roundtable Discussion on the Prison Industrial Complex

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By Detroit FW Staff

On Thursday afternoon Nov. 14, 2019, The Detroit People’sTask Force (DPTF) held a roundtable discussion on the problems related to the criminal justice system and the prison industrial complex.

The meeting took place at the Cass Commons in Midtown after the DPTF had sponsored a demonstration downtown outside the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice. Activists called for the freedom of the wrongly convicted in the state of Michigan.

Many of the participants were women who have family members serving long term sentences in Michigan state prisons. They are seeking to win new trials and the release of those unjustly railroaded and incarcerated.

Four leading members of the Moratorium NOW! Coalition (MNC) were in attendance having endorsed the event. The DPTF often meets in the offices of MNC in Midtown.

Other participants included the Michigan ACLU, Voice of Detroit, SCLC Detroit chapter, among others. The forum was chaired by Jeanetta Lewis of the DPTF.

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