Bolivian President Luis Arce on Monday appointed the new high command of the Armed Forces, in an official ceremony held at the Great House of the People
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Evo Morales: Situation in Peru Reveals “Double Standards” of Lima Group and OAS Bolivian Police Confirms Former Jeanine Añez’s Ministers Escaping to Brazil and Panama President of Bolivia Changes Military Hierarchy Venezuela’s National Assembly Elections: […]


Fight for $15 in Detroit on Strike on Dec. 7

By Fighting Words Detroit Staff On December 7 at noon, Fight for $15, an organization representing low-wage workers in Detroit, held a brief strike against McDonald’s to continue to press for a Federal minimum wage […]

Ethiopia GERD project delayed due to interference from Egypt and US
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GERD, Border Disputes and the Quest for African Unity

By Abayomi Azikiwe Since November 4, the focus of the international community in their observations of the internal conflict in Ethiopia has largely been centered on the central government’s suppression of a rebellion against its […]

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Mumia Abu-Jamal Urgent Legal Update FOP Loses for Now:

By Noelle Hanrahan and Jennifer Beach, Prison Radio Co-Directors The Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police Lodge Five & Maureen Faulkner have lost this fight. But the rematch is going to be brutal. On December 16th […]

Detroit demonstration defends State Rep. Cynthia A. Johnson
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All Out – Support Michigan State Rep. Cynthia A. Johnson

By Fighting Words Detroit Staff A rally to support State Representative Cynthia A. Johnson was held on the west side of Detroit on December 16 amid attacks on this African American political official. Supporters and […]

Black Lives Matter protest in Oshkosh, Wisconsin fall 2020 Photo wibailoutpeopleorg
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Compromise of 1876 between Tilden and Hayes
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From left, Alfred Bourgeois, Cory Johnson, Dustin Higgs, Lisa Montgomery and Brandon Bernard
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Stop Trump’s Racist Mass Executions!

By Fighting Words Staff A vigil and demonstration was held at the McNamara Federal Building in downtown Detroit on Wednesday, December  9, 2020 to oppose and condemn the scheduled executions of four African American men […]

Week of Solidarity with Haiti Dec 10-16
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Week of Solidarity with Haiti

By Haiti Action Committee Schedule of Events December 10th: International Human Rights Day  WATCH “How the Mangrove Nine Won,” a Global Women’s Strike Fundraiser for the Haiti Emergency Relief Fund. HERE: December 10th–16th: Social […]

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Regional Dimensions and Imperialist Interests in the Ethiopian Tigray Conflict

By Abayomi Azikiwe With the intervention of Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) troops into the northern Tigray region of the Horn of Africa nation, aimed at dislodging the provincial leadership and establishing firm administrative control, […]