January 20: Anti Police-Terror Project to Lead 6th Annual March and Rally to Reclaim King’s Radical Legacy

Press release - Oakland, CA

Anti Police-Terror Project
Images: Anti Police-Terror Project

By Anti Police-Terror Project

On Monday, January 20, the Anti Police-Terror Project will lead a mass mobilization of people from across the Bay Area starting at Oakland’s Oscar Grant Plaza, 14th and Broadway, for the 6th Annual March and Rally to Reclaim King’s Radical Legacy.

For six years running, the APTP Reclaim MLK event has been the only MLK March in the city of Oakland and is looked to by hundreds of Oaklanders as one of the premiere events of the year; bringing together people across race, class and political ideology with a commitment to build a just and equitable Oakland that Dr. King would be proud of. This march takes place after Sheriff Deputies, armed with weapons of war and a military tank, recently evicted Moms4Housing in Oakland who sought housing for their families.

The MLK march demands are: Housing as a Human Right, Close the Camps, No School Closures, End Police Repression, Climate Justice, No More War.

Some of the speakers include:

Rob Bonta, CA State Assembly District 18; Nikki Fortunato Bass, Oakland City Council; Moms 4 Housing; Isha Clarke, Youth Vs. Apocalypse; Yolanda Banks-Reed, Mothers Fight Back; Barbara Doss, Justice for Dujuan Armstrong; Itzel Calvo, California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance; BAYAN  USA; and the Black Organizing Project.

A weekend of events leading up to Monday’s Rally and March include:

  •       Wake Up Call: by SURJ Oakland/BayArea, Friday, 1/17/10, 7:30-9am, MacArthur BART Station Plaza
  •       Oakland Climate Strike and Resilience Village, Friday, 1/17/20, 10am-1pm at Oscar Grant Plaza
  •       Guerilla Housing: Reclaiming Dr.King’s Legacy of Radical Action by The Village, Saturday, 1/18/20,          10am-5pm, East 12th St & 14th Ave
  •       Degentrifukation Tour of BlackArthur, Saturday, 1/18/20, 12pm, Poor Magazine, 8032 MacArthur Blvd
  •       CRCAA 5 Methods Workshop, by CRC Allies and Accomplices, Sunday, 1/19/20, 10am-12pm, 2501 International Blvd.
  •       Alternatives to Policing: How Not to Call the Police, Sunday, 1/19/20, 2-5pm, First Congregational Church of Oakland, 2501 Harrison St, Oakland
  •       Santa Rita Jail Support, Sunday, 1/19/20, 4-8pm, Santa Rita Jail
  •       Baby Breakfast “Blockade” for Moms4Housing, by Abundant Beginnings, Monday, 1/20/20, 8:30-9:30am, Oscar Grant Plaza, 14th St and Broadway
  •       Reclaim MLK Youth Activist Rally by Abundant Beginnings, Monday, 1/20/20, 9-11am, Oscar Grant Plaza, 14th St and Broadway

All activities are family-friendly.

Anti Police-Terror Project
Image: Anti Police-Terror Project

For decades, MLK’s legacy has been whitewashed. Often portrayed as a passive figure, in truth he was a radical leader demanding rational change: an end to capitalism, to war, to empire, to poverty, and to white supremacy. Communities in Oakland and across the country take this opportunity every year to celebrate the true spirit of this revolutionary.

“January 2020 marks another 10 years of gentrification, displacement, and a worsening houselessness crisis. Another 10 years of the Bay Area’s elected leaders putting profits over people. Another 10 years of government for and by developers, tech companies, and banks – instead of for and by the People.” said Cat Brooks, former Oakland mayoral candidate and co-founder of the Anti Police-Terror Project.

More info:

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/747077179148170/

#ReclaimMLKOak #HousingIsAHumanRight #CloseTheCamps

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