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By Cassandra Devereaux for California State Assembly District 14 Campaign

Vallejo, California, 3/13/20 – We’re excited to announce the preliminary results for Cassandra Devereaux’s campaign, and want to thank you very much for your support! (California is continuing to tabulate mail in ballots for the next 20 days.)

She received 7.9% of the total, or 9,036 votes district-wide! As a socialist, transgender activist running against a well-funded moderate Democrat and an unknown Republican, that’s outstanding! The county breakdown is 9.7%, or 3,605 votes in Solano County and 7.0%, or 5,431 votes in Contra Costa County.

The top item in her platform was police accountability for the Vallejo PD, which has the highest rate of police killings in northern CA. This is reflected, we believe, in the 9.6% results for Solano County. (See the rest of her platform below.)

Even though she won’t be on the November ballot because of California’s top two system, designed to block 3rd parties from ballot access, we believe the campaign succeeded in putting out the top issues of concern to poor and working people and challenging the incumbent, Tim Grayson, a moderate Democrat, to respond. It’s clear that the unknown Republican, who signed up to run on the last possible day, knew she would come in 2nd, just because she was running as a Republican. As far as we can tell, she made no effort at all to run a campaign, but will appear on the November ballot because she’s a Republican, and therefore part of the “two-party” “democratic” system.

Ms. Devereaux’s  campaign was endorsed by: Peoples Alliance, Peace and Freedom Party, Contra Costa Green Party and California Progressive Alliance. See her website for more info about her platform and campaign: . Also see her page on the Peace and Freedom Party site here:

Join us in fighting for a socialist future. Contact us at if you’d like to get more involved in upcoming struggles to fight against white supremacy, imperialism and capitalism.

Cassandra Devereaux
Cassandra Devereaux

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