Detroit Factory Target of “Black Workers’ Lives Matter”

Press release

A car in the car caravan protest at the Flex-N-Gate factory in Detroit. | Photo: Mike Shane

By Unite All Workers for  Democracy, Autoworkers Caravan and Moratorium Now

Flex-N-Gate Detroit, a parts supplier for Ford, was built off the backs of Black community members on Detroit’s east side.  Many lost their property on a promise that this corporation would create quality, family supporting jobs for Detroit residents. Detroiters went through extensive training and testing for direct hire into permanent positions.   Two years later, these same trained, skilled workers are being harassed and fired based on trumped up charges and subjected to a racially hostile work environment.

Flex-N-Gate Detroit’s predominantly Black work force of about 700 is now down to around 150. The original workers are being replaced with temporary workers with no training for the jobs, many of them immigrants subject to super-exploitation because of their status. Employees are subjected to extreme, oppressive conditions. They are being disciplined for absences while under management mandated Covid 19 quarantine, and for taking sick days or vacation time when ill.  They are treated disrespectfully, having to sign in and out to use the bathroom, and threatened with discipline “if you take too long.”

The Flex-N-Gate owner is a BILLIONAIRE and continues to increase his profits by treating loyal employees like dirt and replacing them with lower paid, temporary workers who receive no benefits. Black workers are entitled to fair wages and benefits, job security, and dignity on the job.

On August 6 protesters conducted a car caravan, repeatedly circling the factory, to expose the conditions and support the workers.

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