Palestinian and Black Lives Matter

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By Detroit Fighting Words Staff

Hundreds marched and rallied in Dearborn, Michigan on August 8 to show solidarity between the Black Lives Matter movement and the Palestinian struggle against U.S. financed Israeli occupation. The Palestinian Youth Movement was joined by Detroit Will Breathe to link the fight against white supremacy and that of the Palestinian people.

Speakers also raised the ongoing United States backed, Saudi war against Yemen as well as the centuries long battles of indigenous people against colonialism in the United States. A powerful speaker from Jewish Voice for Peace expressed the feeling of many Jewish people both in the United States and Israel against the continuing annexation of Palestinian land by Israel and the genocide carried out by the Zionists.

A popular sign distributed by the Moratorium Now Coalition echoed the 1975 United Nations General Assembly resolution 3379 that declared “Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination.” The signs declared “Zionism = Racism, Palestinian & Black Lives Matter.”

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