Solidarity with the Denver Anti-Racists

Elijah McClain, murdered by police August 24, 2019.
Elijah McClain, murdered by police August 24, 2019. | Image: Law & Crime

By Fighting Words Staff

The Communist Workers League expresses complete solidarity with, and support for, the anti-racist activists recently arrested in Colorado and with the entire Colorado Black Lives Matter movement which has been demanding justice for Elijah McClain and all victims of police terror and white supremacy.

We call for authorities to drop all of the outrageous and serious charges brought against leaders of the Party for Socialism and Liberation and the Front Line Party for Revolutionary Action. These charges are clearly designed to discourage dissent and intimidate organizations and their leadership from continuing the nationwide movement for justice.

We believe that Colorado police and prosecutors are acting directly or indirectly under the influence of President Trump and U.S. Attorney General William Barr. On June 1 Barr told governors across the nation “we have to take out the professional instigators and the leadership group in the major cities.” Trump also told state leaders to “dominate” the streets and jail protesters “for ten years.” [, June 1, 2020].

On August 18 Attorney General Barr visited Detroit, Michigan and met at length with Police Chief James Craig. Five days later Detroit riot police launched a brutal, unprovoked attack against peaceful protesters in the downtown area. Notable in the violence by the police was the targeting of some individuals who have been playing a leading role in the Detroit movement.

We urge all progressive people to unite behind the Denver anti-racist activists and to demand dropping of all charges. Free the protesters! Jail the killer cops!.

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