Stop Racist Attacks in Warren!

By Detroit  Fighting Words Staff

An estimated 300 people took to the streets of Warren, Michigan  on Saturday, September 19, 2020 to demand an end to racism and vigilante attacks on African Americans in this large suburb bordering Detroit.

An African American family with a Black Lives Matter sign on their property has been subjected to several attacks, including vandalism and gunshots fired into their home. The family joined the protest march and rally and spoke to the crowd.

Members of Detroit Will Breathe, SWARM of Warren, the Moratorium NOW! Coalition, the Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement among others marched through the business and residential areas of Warren chanting anti-racist slogans.

A small group of supporters of President Donald Trump held a counter-protest across from the Warren Mall where the demonstration began. Many others from Warren participated in the anti-racism demonstration while some of the residents, both Black and White, expressed solidarity.

Organizers pledged to return saying those victimized by racist violence must not be left to stand alone.

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