Stop Anti-Asian Hate and Violence!

Detroit Demonstration

By Detroit Fighting Words Staff

There was another rally and march in downtown Detroit on Sat. March 27, 2021. The event was in response to the escalation of racist violence directed towards Asian people inside the United States and abroad.

For the second weekend consecutively, thousands have taken to the streets across the United States demanding an end to the violent racist attacks against Asian people. Hate crimes directed towards Asians have increased by 150% over the last year.

The Detroit event was organized by the Asian American community themselves and in their own names. Several community leaders and political officials spoke at the rally noting the contemporary and historical repression and exploitation endured by Asian people dating back more than a century in the U.S. The gathering began at 3:00pm outside the City-County Bldg.

Later there was a march up Woodward Avenue and around Campus Martius in the heart of downtown..

Members of the Asian American Pacific Islanders community led the demonstration which was joined by contingents from Detroit Will Breathe, Moratorium NOW! Coalition and other organizations.

The march ended back at the Spirit of Detroit statue where other speakers expressed solidarity against racist and gender-based oppression and violence.

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