Drop the Charges Against Armani!

By Detroit Fighting Words Staff

There was a press conference held at the Hazel Park City Hall, a suburb right across the border from Detroit, on Tuesday, April 27, 2021, which demanded that the false charges levelled against Armani Sharpe be dismissed.

Armani is an African American youth on the autistic spectrum who was taking a therapeutic walk in the Hazel Park and Ferndale area when he was arrested on allegations made by two caucasian women.

The charges are inconsistent with his character and the nature of this disability.  At present he is facing criminal indictments in both Hazel Park and Ferndale.

The gathering was organized by several organizations including Color of Autism, Warriors on Wheels, Racial Profiling Across 8 Mile Committeed and the Moratorium NOW! Coalition with additional attendance and support of other activist groups.

Several media agencies covered the briefing by the family and supporters of Armani.

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