Biden Must Halt All U.S. Aid to the Occupation

By Fighting Words Staff

Thousands of Palestinians and other Arab Americans led two rallies and marches in Dearborn, Michigan, located across the border with Detroit on Tuesday, May 18, 2021.

The actions were both in response to the bombing of Gaza and the violent repression leveled against Palestinians rebelling throughout the territory occupied by the State of Israel.

This was a Day of Action to Free Palestine where the oppressed people under occupation organized an unprecedented nationwide general strike. Demonstrations in solidarity with Palestine were held throughout the world on May 18.

United States President Joe Biden visited the Ford Rouge automotive plant in Dearborn to promote his yet to be adopted infrastructural plan while championing electrical vehicles.

Biden was met at the airport on the tarmac by Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, who reportedly confronted the president over the continuing support to Tel Aviv by successive regimes in Washington. Over 200 Palestinians have been killed since the previous week as the IAF bombs residential areas in Gaza while simultaneously the police and defense forces chase down, beat, arrest and kill Palestinians in the towns on the West Bank and Gaza along with Jerusalem.

This is the third day since Saturday, May 15, al- Nakba, which has brought out thousands of Arab Americans and their supporters in Dearborn.

Another demonstration was planned for Ann Arbor on Sat. May 22 and in downtown Detroit on Sun. May 23.

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