Detroit Holds Mumia Rally – Part of 40 Cities for Mumia

By Fighting Words Staff

July 3, 2022 marks the 40th anniversary of the conviction of African American journalist and political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal in the city of Philadelphia.

Activists from around the country and the world held demonstrations demanding his immediate release.

The Love Not Phear campaign is making a renewed effort to educate a new generation on the legacy of the Black Liberation Movement and the federal government’s counter-intelligence program designed to curtail the resistance to oppression.

Various speakers addressed the rally at Campus Martius in Downtown Detroit including Verbena Lea, Sarah Torres,  Shushanna Shakur, Blair Anderson, Abayomi Azikiwe,  Moratorium NOW! Coalition, Anarchist Black Cross,  Jennine Spencer, Paul Jackson, One Single Rose, Elena Herrada, juvenile lifer Efren Paredes, Jr., (speaking from prison) and podcasts from Mumia himself.

These activists represented numerous organizations and campaigns such as Justice for Theo Gray, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Black Panther Historical Project, Free Mutulu Shakur, EMEAC, among others. After the rally there was a march through sections of downtown.

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