Rail Workers Unhappy with Biden Call to Subvert Strike, Mandate Contract

Press Release by Railroad Workers United

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Date: Tuesday, November 29th, 2022

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Rail Workers Unhappy with Biden Call to Subvert Strike, Mandate Contract

Unfortunately, the “most labor-friendly president” has opted to side with Big Business and call for a thwarting of railroad workers’ right to strike. On Monday, President Joe Biden called upon Congress to adopt legislation that would mandate a contract and end the threat of any legally sanctioned rail strike from happening. This, although railroad workers have voiced a deep desire to strike in recent months. Rail unions representing more than 55% of railroad workers have voted down their respective tentative contracts with the rail carriers in recent weeks.

According to RWU General Secretary Jason Doering, “Despite making record profits year after year, pumping up their stock prices to unheard-of levels, downsizing the workforce by furloughing 30% of the employees and becoming some of the most profitable corporations on Wall Street, the Class One carriers somehow cannot afford to provide sick time for their hard-working and dedicated employees.”

In September, Republican lawmakers attempted to end the strike threat with legislation that would preempt that possibility. Senator Bernie Sanders was able to squelch that attempt just before the strike deadline on September 15th, literally paving the way for the Biden-Walsh brokered deal with the operating crafts and the Signal Maintainers. Ironically, now Sanders is telling Democrats not to deny rail labor its right to strike. “If the Biden administration has its way, Democrats will join Republicans in turning their backs on the needs of railroad workers,” states Ross Grooters, RWU Co-Chair. “Both parties would be taking away the ability of rail labor to determine their working conditions.”

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