U.S. Behind Israeli Drone Attack on Iran

Drone attack in Iran caused explosion but, reportedly, little damage
Drone attack in Iran caused explosion but, reportedly, little damage.

By David Sole

An Iranian military production facility came under attack by three drones on the night of January 28. Although no nation or group claimed “credit,” the Wall Street Journal quoted United States officials “on condition of anonymity” who stated that the zionist settler-colonial regime was responsible. Reuters headlined “Israel appears to have been behind drone strike on Iran factory.”

Iran reported that one drone was shot down before reaching its target and two others were blocked by “defensive traps” and exploded without causing major damage or any loss of life.

The zionist regime did not comment on the attack but has long been threatening, and sometimes carrying out, military and clandestine actions against Iran. The U.S. government has also been targeting the Iranian nation in its attempt to subjugate its people and control the vast oil production in that country.

It should be assumed that israel would not have carried out this raid without the approval, even if secret, of its military and economic masters in Washington.

U.S. aid to israel

According to USAFacts.org,

“The United States approved over $3.8 billion in foreign assistance to israel in 2019, the most recent year of complete data….This is part of the 10-year, $38 billion Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2016. It is the third agreement of its kind, following two signed during the George W. Bush and Clinton administrations. The agreement supports updating the israeli aircraft fleet and maintaining the country’s missile defense system. The deal provides $500 million in missile defense funding and $3.3 billion in other military funding per year from 2019 to 2028.”

USAFacts.org also noted

“Israel cumulatively received $243.9 billion in inflation-adjusted US foreign assistance between 1946 and 2019, making it the largest recipient of American foreign aid since World War II.”

It is also probably no accident that only days earlier the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) “conducted a massive military drill” alongside the israeli Defense Forces – the biggest war exercises ever held with their client state. Named “Juniper Oak” the joint exercise involved 7400 troops and a dozen ships from both sides. Also in the operation were jet fighters, helicopters, reconnaissance aircraft and other equipment.

Perhaps the drone attack initiators felt confident that Iran would not dare retaliate after seeing this massive display of death dealing manpower and material.

It should also be noted that U.S. Central Intelligence Agency Director William Burns paid a visit to israel on January 26 for discussions with the government there. It is entirely possible that this reckless aggression was on the agenda and approved. Certainly the brutal attacks by zionist troops and armed settlers on Palestinians in Jenin, Gaza and other parts of occupied Palestine, that have killed over 30 Palestinians in January alone, were approved by Director Burns on behalf of the Biden administration.

To cement the U.S. government’s continuing support for zionist terror against the Palestinian resistance to occupation and the Iranian refusal to be subjugated by western imperialism, Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrived in Jerusalem on Monday, January 30, for meetings with recently elected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

What is clear is that U.S. imperialism is intent on continuing its acts of threat and aggression with the aim of securing the entire world for the sake of Wall Street’s profits. The war makers are facing setbacks in their plan to expand NATO into Ukraine facing stiff resistance from the Russian Federation.

The Palestinians are also continuing their decades long fight against occupation and genocide with mass action and armed struggle. The Iranians refuse to bow down to bullying from the U.S. and its agents in the Middle East. It is time for a mass movement to arise inside the United States to challenge the military and economic forces here at home who endanger world peace and economic security at home and abroad

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