Detroit Housing Activists Picket Eviction Court

By Fighting Words Staff

Just one week after a home defense for Taura Brown, on April 11, a coalition of housing organizations picketed outside the 36th District Court in downtown Detroit.

The court serves as the main legal structure for the eviction of renters and homeowners in the city of Detroit.

Several people who have experienced evictions including Taura Brown spoke at the picket line and rally. In addition, representatives from Detroit Eviction Defense (DED), Detroit Tenants Association (DTA), Detroit Will Breathe, Moratorium NOW! Coalition, among others, condemned the failure of the City of Detroit to provide housing for the working and impoverished people.

Taura Brown had lived for several years in the Tiny Homes located on Monterey street on the westside. After being promised a rent-to-own lease for the home, Brown was served with eviction papers along with a defamation lawsuit from the Cass Community Social Services (CCSS), a religious-based non-profit organization which claims to assist the impoverished and homeless.

Brown said that she was the victim of a retaliatory eviction due to her outspoken criticism of CCSS and the management of the Tiny Homes project.

On April 4, the 36th District Court Bailiff, accompanied by several hired contractors, violently evicted Brown. Over 50 people defended the home for two hours facing the punches and shoves of the Bailiffs and the inactivity of the police personnel who were present to observe the incident.

Several of the defenders were injured yet no one was arrested.

All of the speakers at the picket line on April 11 pledged to continue to fight for housing in the city.

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