Justice for Nizar Banat: National Tour for Palestine

Nizar's Brother Calls for Justice Against the Palestinian Authority


By Fighting Words staff

Supporters of Palestine liberation gathered in Detroit tonight to hear the brother of slain Palestinian activist Nizar Banat and members of Lawyers for Justice who are touring the United States. Nizar was targeted and assassinated on June 24, 2021, not by the israeli settler regime, but by members of the Palestinian Authority.

The guest speakers reported the chilling situation where any critics of the Palestinian Authority can and are being jailed, tortured and killed. They often face a “double whammy” when they are arrested first by the PA and again by the Israeli authorities. Hear Nizar Banat talking about the Palestinian Authority: Traitors: Nizar Banat, Palestinian Activist, murdered by Palestinian Authority Speaks

Under current conditions arrests are carried out often without declared charges and detentions are not under the supervision of any courts. The speakers appealed for world public opinion to shine a spotlight on the situation and to keep the memory and spirit of Nizar Banat alive.

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