Take Action to Free Walid Daqqah

One of the longest held political prisoners in zionist detention

Free Walid Daqqah

By Palestinian Youth Movement

The Palestinian Youth Movement is inviting you to participate in signing and circulating our petition to Free Walid Daqqah. This petition is the first step of our Free Walid Daqqah Campaign.

Our three key demands for this campaign are:

  1. The immediate release of Walid Daqqah,
  2. Providing Walid Daqqah with urgent life saving medical care, and
  3. Granting his family visitation rights.

Walid Daqqah  is a Palestinian writer and organizer who has been in Zionists prisons since 1986, making him one of one of the longest-held political prisoners in Zionist detention. Last year, Daqqah was diagnosed with Myelofibrosis, a rare form of bone marrow cancer that disrupts the body’s normal production of blood cells. Israel refuses to release Walid Daqqah or provide him access to life-saving medicine and treatment which has led to increased deterioration in his health. Earlier this year, Daqqah underwent surgery to remove part of his lung. He was briefly placed in intensive care, but then Zionist authorities quickly transferred him back to his prison clinic, again denying him proper treatment. The Zionist occupation is killing Daqqah through deliberate medical negligence.

Political Prisoners are the compass of our struggle, as they are at the forefront of resistance to zionism and imperialism. For this reason, we center the prisoners’ struggle in our national liberation movement and we fight along their side. Despite the Zionist entity’s efforts to diminish the Palestinian revolutionary consciousness, Palestinian youth successfully continue to rise in resisting the violent Zionist regime. In reaction to this, the Israeli occupation has increased mass incarceration of Palestinians and placing them in administrative detention. We know that the liberation of our land depends on the freedom of Walid Daqqah, along with all political prisoners.

We ask that you sign onto this petition calling on international actors to take action, and circulate it widely among your networks. Please also circulate our social media post about Walid and article /petition with the hashtag #Free_Walid_Daqqah.

Until Liberation, PYM

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