From Niger to Haiti to Cop City, Defeat the War Against African People

By Black Alliance for Peace

In the desperate bid for the U.S.-EU-NATO Axis of Domination to hold onto the unipolar world, the war on Africans globally intensifies. This reactionary legacy of Western colonialism is proving itself impenetrable to the fruitless reformist strategies of liberals. As the world is literally and figuratively engulfed by fire or drowning by floods, the most clear headed paths forward come from the radical Black left. The Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) is consistent in doing our part.

This month, the Haiti/Americas Team of BAP has been leading a call to action on Haiti to counter the Biden administration’s call for the UN to send a military force to intervene in Haiti with Kenya volunteering to serve as the Black face of white supremacy in a perverse claim to “restore order” in Haiti by invading the island nation in the name of Pan-Africanism. In the face of this imminent imperialist intervention BAP remains vigilant and is exposing these intercontinental contradictions. Kenya is willing to assist white supremacist in Haiti at the expense of the wishes and aspirations of the Haitian people.

While plans for the invasion in Haiti are being finalized, Africans are rising up in Niger to kick France out and regain control of their country and its immense mineral resources. In response the French refuse to leave and, with their U.S. partners in crime, plan to use the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to invade Niger. Once again employing Black faces to carry out white supremacist, imperialist designs.  Africans (black people) everywhere must be vigilant in defense of our interest. The imperialist, white supremacist empire is struggling with legitimacy and employing the age old tactic of “Divide and Conquer”.  As the repression increases, African resistance must also intensify.

BAP is acutely aware – while helping others become so – that the drive to build Cop City is not just in Atlanta but that there are similar projects in Newark and Baltimore to name a few and that the U.S. settler state is preparing to lash out even more as its empire continues to decline. It insists on sending billions to Ukraine and on the militarization of Africa, while more and more of its citizens join the ranks of the homeless, are denied the human right to healthcare, face obscene price hikes for basic necessities, crumbling infrastructure, and derailing trains. Look at the heavy handed approach to the organizers against Cop City. The same grand jury and prosecutor who is going after Trump and his associates with RICO charges, have also brought RICO charges against the Stop Cop City protestors. We will not forget that this follows the indictments against the Uhuru Movement earlier this year. Repression abroad and repression within the enclaves of those colonized in Western countries is what the Black working class has to look forward to.

In the next month of October the Africa Team of BAP, and the organizing arm of our campaign “U.S. Out of Africa, Shut Down AFRICOM, will hold the 4th International Month of Action Against AFRICOM, under the theme “From Niger to Haiti to Cop City, Defeat the War Against African People.”

BAP Coordinating Committee Chairperson, Ajamu Baraka points out:

“The lived experiences of the colonized suggest that the difference between a white supremacist liberal imperialist order and something European activists label as fascism is indistinguishable.”

People are seeking and need an alternative which is why formations like BAP become more and more vital. There is no way out of the current moment we face except through revolutionary struggle and organization. BAP came in to fill a need – to rekindle the Black liberation movement, in particular the Black Radical Tradition; crystallizing the historic anti-war, anti-imperialist position of our people. With wars raging on between Russia and Ukraine raising the threat of a nuclear catastrophe, saber rattling against China over Taiwan that eerily resembles U.S. policy toward the Russia-Ukraine military conflict, and military destabilization across the entire African continent, there has never been a greater need to for the masses of the people to organize. It should be clear now that revolutionary struggle is the only solution.

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