THE BUSH BOYS – THE RETURN | In what world do you think you live? | Gaza’s Ecology of Love | To Our Wounded Healers

Poems by renowned Black leader and activist Julia Wright

Palestinians search for casualties at the site of Israeli strikes on houses in Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip
Genocide against Gaza.


the children of Gaza
hopefully playrole
at saving their dolls
from real time bombs

if vinegar
can be found
surgical instruments
will be clean enough
for inhuman litter

the tinkle of the children’s favorite trucks
goes silent
as bodies
ice cream

even the ole Bush boys
are vocally back
as Palestinian childhood

(c) Julia Wright. October 24 2023. All Rights Reserved for Susan Albuhawa for her Playgrounds For Palestine Project


In what world do you think you live?

in what world do you think you live –
said the Israeli higher up
to the United Nations Secretary General

in what world do we the people
know we live ?

we live in a world
where deposits and quarries
of a life saving commodity
are left un mined

we live in a world
where a raw material so rare
that it surpasses the coltane
and the fossil fuels
they need to feed their wars
is neglected
and left
in the open air

we live in a world
where we are all the human canaries
of those forgotten shafts

we live in a world where
if today our horizon is as yet
by the smoke and state terror of bombs –
will need us
around the clock workers
to excavate
and bring its nuggets
above ground

this morning
a slow epiphany
as I watch my beloved trees
and condemned Monarchs
still flying –
every acre
every iota
every cell
of Mother Earth
will need us to stand up for
our most precious ore
not to be under mined

(c) Julia Wright.October 25 2023. All Rights Reserved for my children, Ellen Ama and Malcolm


Gaza’s Ecology of Love

have you ever wondered
the fragrance
of just cut grass
speaks to you ?

scientists have now discovered
that many plants
emit green leafy volatiles
to warn each other
of assault

the chemical compounds
are a danger signal
from plant to plant

there is such a thing
as vegetal communication
and solidarity

is a tree –
an evergreen tree
in the global forest
that needs to be saved
from the criminal ecocide
of war
and Apartheid

is valiantly
letting us know
so we may build
our own immunity
the world implanted enterprise
of our ethnic cleansing –
our human deforestation

getting up this morning
wherever you are
do you smell
the undefeated and fraternal volatiles
the people of Gaza
are sending you ?

(c) Julia Wright. October 26 2023. All Rights Reserved.

To Our Wounded Healers

ever since
the ever recurring plantation
our masters
have arrogantly perfected
equation upon equation –
oppression equals depression
white supremacy equals anxiety
imperialism equals world hegemony
capitalism equals perennial slavery

and they thought
that like children
we would be afraid of the dark

on paper
it seemed to work
like lots of their high falutin’ algebra

but they
did not count
on an elusive
factor X –
Revolutionary Love

but they
did not expect us
to seek out
and explore the tunnels of darkness
we gave meaning to

but they
did not dream
we would find Wisdom Supreme

but they
had no prescience
that we would understand
the real darkness is theirs

but they
did not have the ability to love
and so our ancestral joyous dance
with the shadows
defeated them

(c) Julia Wright. October 27th 2023. All Rights Reserved.



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