PFLP Condemns Systematic Crimes Against Palestinian Prisoners

Thousands of Palestinians pack Israeli prisons, often with no charges
Thousands of Palestinians pack Israeli prisons, often with no charges.

By Al Mayadeen, English

The PFLP Office of Martyrs, Prisoners, and Wounded condemns the silence of international humanitarian organizations on the systematic crimes perpetrated against Palestinians by the occupation’s prison administration.

The Office of Martyrs, Prisoners, and the Injured affiliated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) described the news coming from within the Israeli occupation’s prisons regarding the level of systematic crimes carried out against Palestinian prisoners as “horrifying”.

The office condemned the continued aggression perpetrated against prisoners since October 7th with ongoing acts of abuse and retaliatory measures.

The office added that the occupation has deliberated on assassinating prisoners through punitive measures taken by the prison administration, pointing to the increasing number of martyrs as evidence of that.

The prison administration is practicing a policy of starving prisoners, cutting off their water supply, cutting off the electricity to their cells, denying prisoners medical treatment, prohibiting visits from family members and lawyers, raiding all cell blocks and rooms, and assaulting prisoners with the use of police dogs, the PFLP office added.

Organizations must fulfill duty in holding ‘Israel’ accountable

The occupation is employing different measures to make the lives of prisoners unbearable. The prison administration reduced the available space for each prisoner in their cells, where the number of prisoners in a single cell exceeded 10, and many were transferred to solitary confinement or moved from one section to another, or even from one prison to another.

In the face of the escalating Israeli abuse of prisoners, the PFLP’s office of Martyrs, Prisoners, and Wounded condemned the silence of human rights organizations and international institutions regarding the occupation’s crimes.

They emphasized that the duty of these organizations is to fulfill their humanitarian responsibility and hold the occupation accountable for respecting international laws and conventions, and holding them fully responsible for the prisoners’ lives.

According to the humanitarian organization Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF) or Doctors Without Borders, the actions of global leaders are too weak and slow to impact the cessation of atrocities in Gaza.

MSF further urged the international community to act quickly and take stronger action in enforcing “Israel” to stop the bloodshed and massacres.

“People are being killed and forcibly displaced from their homes, and water and fuel are running low. The atrocity is on a scale never seen before in Gaza,” the MSF stated.

Reprinted from Al Mayadeen

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