Palestine Land Day Commemorated from Detroit to Dearborn and Around the World

By Fighting Words Staff

March 30, 2024 was Palestine Land Day which has been a focus for mass demonstrations around the world.

In Detroit and Dearborn, Michigan, demonstrations were held downtown and outside the western suburb’s Henry Ford Centennial Library.

The day of action goes back to at least 1976 when several Palestinian youths were killed by the Israeli authorities for protesting the ongoing confiscation of land of the oppressed and occupied people.

Every year since this time period, Palestinians and their allies have marked the day with rallies, mass demonstrations and, in occupied Palestine, with the planting of olive trees.

The seizure of land in Palestine is continuing up to the present time. This, coupled with the genocide in Gaza, has raised the level consciousness and activism in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

A coalition of various organizations sponsored both actions.

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