Michigan Social Workers for Palestine March and Rally in Downtown Detroit

By Fighting Words Staff

On Friday afternoon April 12, 2024, hundreds gathered in the light rain across from the Spirit of Detroit near the riverfront to demonstrate their outrage at the continuing genocide against the Palestinians in Gaza.

This action was called by the Michigan Social Workers for Palestine (MSWFP) and featured several activists working in this profession.

In addition, educators also spoke about how they are handling the crisis in their classroom instructions. Teachers at all levels from primary school to higher education are facing repression due to their efforts to provide objective learning materials on the current situation.

The crowd marched through downtown to the McNamara Federal Building where the offices of United States Senator Gary Peters is located. Peters along with Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow are staunch supporters of the State of Israel and have refused to call for an immediate permanent ceasefire in Gaza.

A speakout was held outside the Federal Bldg. before the march proceeded to the nearby  offices of Stabenow.

This demonstration is part and parcel of the thousands of actions held around the U.S. in solidarity with the Palestinians since Oct. 7.

Millions have condemned President Joe Biden for sending 70 thousand tons of weapons and warplanes to Tel Aviv.

More than 33,000 Palestinians have been slaughtered over the last six months while hundreds of thousands are injured and traumatized. No one in Gaza is safe as 2.3 million have been displaced and face starvation..

Despite the broad opposition to the genocidal war in Gaza, the U.S. government has refused to impose an arms embargo or withdraw all diplomatic and economic support from Tel Aviv.

Nonetheless, the Palestine Solidarity Movement continues to gain strength in North America and around the globe. Activists vowed to maintain their momentum from the “uncommitted” voter campaign which began in Michigan.

All of the speakers expressed their desire to see a liberated Palestine in the near future.

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