Citibank – Partner in Genocide

Week of protests called against big bank’s support for Israel

Citibank - profiting off genocide against Paletinian people
Citibank – profiting off genocide against Paletinian people.

By Fighting Words Staff

Protests have been scheduled from June 10 to 14 against the giant Citibank which has assets of $2.9 trillion and which is a major financial supporter of the Israeli settler state. The pro-Palestine organization PAL-AWDA has called for “Global Action to Stop the Profits of Genocide.”

PAL-AWDA notes that: “In 2021, Citi loaned the Israeli occupation regime $2.5 billion to buy 75 new F-35 jet fighters.” These are some of the same planes that are bombing the civilian population of Gaza – including schools, homes, hospitals, mosques and churches. Citibank advertises that it is “the largest presence of any foreign financial institution in Israel.”

A major Citibank shareholder is Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc., which holds 500 million shares in the bank. Berkshire Hathaway is “a major investor in Israel’s war industry.”

PAL-AWDA is urging people “to close their accounts at Citibank, cancel their Citi credit cards, and protest at Citibank offices.”

Also targeted for protest is Chevron for its taking of billions of cubic meters of natural gas from waters of occupied Palestine.

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