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Global Implications for the United States Political Crises

By Abayomi Azikiwe Peoples and governments across the international spectrum have looked aghast at the burgeoning divisions within United States society centered around the legislative and administrative direction of the country. On January 6, thousands […]

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Donald Trump’s Beer Hall Putsch

By David Sole On November 8, 1923 Adolph Hitler led a march of hundreds of armed Nazi Party members, right-wing veterans and supporters in the German city of Munich in an attempted insurrection (putsch).  They […]

Congress under siege
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The Fascist Danger of January 6 and Beyond

By Moratorium Now Coalition of Detroit, Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement, Peoples Alliance Bay Area Join a virtual meeting to discuss the crisis of Trump’s attempted coup. Monday, January 11 at 7 P.M. ET, […]

African American voters line up in Georgia
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Georgia Twin Runoff Election Results Fuel Right-wing Unrest

By Abayomi Azikiwe A highly contested presidential election on November 3, coupled with the outcome of the runoff poll in Georgia which is determining the power relations within the United States Senate, has undoubtedly prompted […]

November 7 Detroit demonstration
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Trump, Biden and the Tasks of the Progressive Movements

By David Sole For months President Donald Trump has been talking publicly about refusing to accept defeat in the November 3 election. And since his resounding loss to the Democrat Joe Biden he has refused […]

Federal agents in Portland
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Trump’s Storm Troopers

By David Sole On June 1 President Donald Trump spoke to state governors across the United States. He denounced them saying “most of you are weak.” And he demanded that they respond to the massive […]

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Trumpism: the Nature of the Beast – Part 3

By Cassandra Devereaux It is no coincidence that reactionary movements never fail to denounce communism. While the Klan was marching, the Black League murdering, the American Bund tossing up Nazi salutes, communists were hard at […]

NAACP Picket against Birth of a Nation
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Trumpism: The Nature of the Beast – Part 2

By Cassandra Devereaux By 1913, the Klan had a vocal supporter in the White House in Woodrow Wilson. Wilson screened the detestable Klan “origin” film Birth Of A Nation. This was the film which directly inspired […]

Impeachment trial of U.S. President Andrew Johnson
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The struggle against Donald Trump

By Chris Fry Part 1 of this article discussed the parallel crises of 1868 and 2019, when in both cases a white supremacist president created an emergency, particularly for the oppressed. Part 2 analyzes the […]