Anti-Fascist Organizing Committee Launched

Prepare Now to Defeat Trump’s Fascist Plans

Part of the threat of fascism is the ultra-right Project 2025
Part of the threat of fascism is the ultra-right Project 2025.

By Fighting Words Staff

The new year was marked by the formation of a new Anti-Fascist Organizing Committee that seeks to begin discussions among unions and community organizations on how to fight back against the threat of fascism openly put forward by Trump and his ultra-rightwing followers. Central to that discussion is the weapon of a General Strike if the need arises. Without an independent working class movement poor and working people are left to be bystanders to various court proceedings and the bourgeois elections.

The “Call to unions, unorganized workers, community organizations, social justice and human rights groups” says:

Prepare now to defeat Trump’s fascist plans

We believe that it is imperative to begin now to organize a powerful, independent movement of workers in unions and unorganized, along with the broadest range of progressive organizations, that can protect the rights of the working class and oppressed peoples. Local, statewide, regional and national committees cannot wait for a possible Trump electoral victory, or another coup, to challenge his announced undemocratic goals.

Among our tasks is to discuss the idea of a General Strike if it becomes necessary. We also should spread literature among the members of the United States military on the looming danger and urge them to be prepared to disobey illegal or immoral orders. Every locality should begin forming joint defense committees that can immediately protect union and community meetings, progressive rallies, demonstrations and leaders.

It would be a terrible mistake to not take seriously Trump’s threats of becoming a dictator on day one if he is elected president in 2024. He and his supporters are planning now to:

  • Implement “Project 2025” to replace tens of thousands of civil servants with Trump loyalists.
  • Purge and replace top military officers with Trump supporters.
  • Round up and deport massive numbers of immigrants. Trump quotes Hitler by accusing migrants of “poisoning our blood”.
  • Further turn back the clock on women’s rights, Black, Latinx, Asian, rights, LGBTQ+ rights, disability and voting rights.
  • Unleash his fascist followers against progressives he deems “vermin.”
  • Use the “Insurrection Act of 1807” to suppress anti-Trump protests.
  • Suppress media outlets he deems hostile to him.
  • Use the Justice Department to go after his political opponents.
  • Cut food stamps, public housing, Social Security and other benefits while increasing U.S. war machine spending.
  • Promote an anti-union agenda.
  • Deny global warming and dismantle regulatory agencies that protect the public.

It would also be a mistake to depend on the Democrats to stop Trump. They have not even been able to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights act or the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. The military and the police cannot be relied upon to curb Trump’s excesses in power. The many court cases against Trump may be delayed endlessly or be overturned by the ultra-conservative U.S. Supreme Court.

The removal of Trump from the ballot as an insurrectionist under the 14th Amendment Section 3 of the Constitution – although thoroughly justified – also may be struck down by the Trumpist U.S. Supreme Court.

Even if Trump loses the election, he and his supporters will claim he won and can pose a serious threat.

Organizing to confront Trump fascism is not an endorsement of the Democratic Party. The Democrats are steadily expanding military spending at the expense of the needs of poor and working people. The Democrats are arming and supporting the Israeli genocide against Palestinians and refusing to call for a ceasefire in Gaza. This should be of grave concern to all of us. But anti-fascist organizing means preparing to defend ourselves against direct threats to the minimal rights we still have to speak, organize and take action for the working class.

To endorse this Call and join in the efforts supporters can email AFOC @

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