Ukraine losses prompt threat of US troops

Polish May Day march against Ukraine war
Polish May Day march against Ukraine war.

By David Sole

The continuing losses by Ukraine to Russian Federation forces on the battlefield have prompted top US officials to threaten a serious escalation. House Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries told CBS News on May 5 that the recent $61 billion aid package may be followed by sending US troops into battle.

“We cannot allow Ukraine to fall, because if it does, there is a significant possibility that America will have to intervene in the conflict – not just with our money, but with our troops.”

The New York Times, on April 29, reported

“Russian troops have captured or entered around a half-dozen villages on Ukraine’s eastern front over the past week, highlighting the deteriorating situation in the region for the outgunned and outnumbered Ukrainian forces.”

Jeffries, of course, is falsifying the origins of the Ukraine-Russia conflict to cover up the sinister role of the United States. It was the CIA that helped engineer the 2014 “Maidan Revolution” that drove out the elected Ukrainian president with the help of pro-Nazi militias. Following that those militias became incorporated into a Ukrainian army that waged war against the large ethnic Russian population in eastern Ukraine.

Unable to crush the resistance of the people in the provinces of Donetsk and Lugansk, two peace treaties were agreed upon – Minsk I and Minsk II – that pledged autonomy for those regions within a united Ukraine. The Western powers, including Germany and France, pledged to insure the Minsk Accords were honored. Later, German leader Angela Merkel publicly admitted that the agreements were only agreed to by Ukraine and the West in order to gain time to build up Ukraine’s military to NATO standards.

From 2014 to 2022 huge quantities of military hardware flowed into Ukraine. The US and NATO trained tens of thousands of Ukrainian troops. Plans were also being made to bring Ukraine into NATO so that military bases could be established right on the border with Russia. Military think tanks revealed that the US would welcome a proxy war whereby Ukraine would battle Russia and “weaken it.”

Responding to this clear aggression, the Russian Federation launched its Special Military Operation on February 24, 2022. Four Ukrainian provinces were taken in the first months of the war and later incorporated formally into the Russian Federation. In the past year the Russians have fiercely battled Ukrainian armies all along a 600 mile line of contact and are now making steady progress pushing back the badly weakened Ukrainian armed forces.

Military analysts on both sides now expect that a collapse of the Ukrainian military could occur in the coming months.

With the US/NATO proxy war sacrificing countless Ukrainian lives collapsing, threats of escalation are being floated, perhaps to prepare the public. French President Macron announced the possible use of French troops in Ukraine several months ago. Now Jeffries in the US House of Representatives has done the same for U.S. troops. Such a move would be a dangerous step and has alarmed Russia.

In response to these threats Russia put forward threats of its own, should the US/NATO escalate further.

“Russia said on Monday [May 6] that it would hold military exercises with troops based near Ukraine to practice for the possible use of battlefield nuclear weapons.”

These alarming developments may have been behind the May Day rally of hundreds of Polish protesters demanding that their government stop its support for Ukraine. Anti-war groups reportedly chanted “Not our war” and carried banners “Today our tanks, tomorrow our children” and “Stop Americanization of Poland.”

Poland borders Ukraine, is a NATO member, and is the transport center for shipping billions worth of weapons into Ukraine. One demonstration organizer stated

“We do not agree with being drawn into someone else’s war, we do not agree to be cannon fodder, we do not agree to unconditional and meaningless support for Ukraine.”

While much of the US public is focused on the US financed Israeli genocide of Palestinians, it should also be protesting the US financed proxy war in Ukraine. With no sign of willingness by the US to allow Ukraine to negotiate peace with Russia, the rapid and massive escalation in that theater of operations is a looming danger.

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