Press conference on police brutality featured Darryl Jordan of EMEAC
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40 Detroit Organizations Demand Resignation of Police Chief

By Detroit Fighting Words Staff Various community based organizations are demanding change and an end to state repression. They held a press conference on September 3 on Detroit’s eastside. Several speakers drew the connection between […]

Bystander beaten and arrested by Detroit plice on Aug. 22, 2020
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What’s Behind the August 22 Police Riot in Detroit?

Above: Detroit police brutalized a bystander who lives on Woodward Avenue and opened his front door to provide respite to demonstrators as they dispersed. Multiple officers seized him, held him down, punched him in the […]

Federal agents in Portland
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Trump’s Storm Troopers

By David Sole On June 1 President Donald Trump spoke to state governors across the United States. He denounced them saying “most of you are weak.” And he demanded that they respond to the massive […]

distribution of wealth
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Impeachment analysis: an empty gesture?

By David Sole For only the third time in U.S. history the House of Representatives has drawn up and passed articles of impeachment against a president of the United States. On Tuesday, December 17, 2019 […]

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Invader or invaded

By Cassandra Devereaux Vicente Guerrero was the first descendant of African slaves to serve as a North American head of state. He was a general in the war for Mexico’s independence from the Spanish Empire, […]

Trump as god?
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The Church of Trump

By Cassandra Devereaux On August 21, Donald Trump shared a quote from a right wing news outlet in order to shame American Jews who do not support him. It read: “:…the Jewish people in Israel […]

El Paso people hold march the day after the shooting,
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CWL condemns Trump for racist massacres

By Fighting Words staff The Communist Workers League (CWL) condemns the recent racist massacres that occurred in Gilroy, CA; El Paso TX; and Dayton, OH. Our hearts go out to the victims, their families, their friends, […]

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Trumpism: the Nature of the Beast – Part 3

By Cassandra Devereaux It is no coincidence that reactionary movements never fail to denounce communism. While the Klan was marching, the Black League murdering, the American Bund tossing up Nazi salutes, communists were hard at […]

NAACP Picket against Birth of a Nation
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Trumpism: The Nature of the Beast – Part 2

By Cassandra Devereaux By 1913, the Klan had a vocal supporter in the White House in Woodrow Wilson. Wilson screened the detestable Klan “origin” film Birth Of A Nation. This was the film which directly inspired […]

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Trumpism: the nature of the beast – Part 1

By Cassandra Devereaux The President, advancing the agenda of his party, signed several bills into law opposing immigration. He and his base were angry and feared what they imagined to be the specter that was […]