Protesters: ‘Stop all U.S. wars!’

A Yemeni child addresses an anti-war protest in New York City. Photo: Fighting Words Photo


By Fighting Words staff

A Yemeni child was among those who addressed a protest in New York City on October 7, the 17th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan.

Activists from Yemen, Syria, Iran, Palestine, Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, Korea and the Philippines were among those who gathered in Herald Square to demand an end to the so-called “war on terror,” which in reality is war for corporate profits against oppressed people around the world.

The protesters then marched through crowded streets to the U.S. Army recruiting station in Times Square. The rally and march were called by the International League of People’s Struggle and the United National Antiwar Committee.


Photo: Fighting Words Photo


  1. Great action. We need to demonstrate more and more against the imperialist wars of aggression in the Arab world and draw attention to the war on the Yemeni people. We have to build another anti-imperialist, anti-war movement. Long live the ILPS!

  2. Look forward to learning more about the Communist Workers League. Are there and shareable documents you could send me?

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