Make G.M. Pay Taxes – Support the UAW Strike

Protestors demanding that GM pay state and federal taxes
People rally outside of the State of Michigan Building in Detroit on Oct. 15, 2019 expressing support for striking UAW workers and demanding that GM pay Federal and State taxes. | Photo: Fighting Words

By FW Detroit Staff

With the UAW strike against General Motors in its 30th day, community activists gathered on October 15 at the State of Michigan Building to show their support. The target of this protest was the MEGA tax credits given to G.M. in the amount estimated at over $3 billion. G.M. and the State of Michigan refuse to reveal the exact amount, but G.M. won’t have to pay taxes on Michigan profits for probably the next 20 years.

Handing G.M. this huge windfall was conditioned upon the corporation keeping plants open in Michigan and maintaining full time jobs. However G.M. has announced plans to shut down both the Warren Transmission plant and the Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly facility. G.M. is currently being struck nationally by the United Auto Workers with one of the key demands of the strike being to end the phony “temporary” worker category (“tier 3”). These “temps” often work 60 hours a week with no path to getting “full time” jobs or earning seniority on the job.

The rally outside the State of Michigan building demanded that G.M.’s tax credits be rescinded and that Michigan recover taxes already forgiven in previous years.

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