Rafael Cancel Miranda – Presente

“I Will Never Regret March 1, 1954 Because I Will Never Regret Fighting for My Country”

Rafael Cancel Miranda
Rafael Cancel Miranda | Photo: The International Committee

By Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement

Today, March 2, the beloved Puerto Rican Patriot Rafael Cancel Miranda has left us, surrounded by the love of his family and his people.

All his life he was fervently committed to the struggle for the independence of his beloved Puerto Rico.

His assault 66 years ago on the United States Congress on March 1, 66 years ago, together with Lolita Lebrón, Irvin Flores and Andrés Figueroa, was to draw international attention to the colonial situation in Puerto Rico, and for that audacious and heroic act he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Thanks to Fidel’s intervention, amnesty was achieved during the Carter administration in 1979 after 25 years of hard prison time in US Penitentiaries. Once free Rafael continued to fight for his people and the independence of Puerto Rico until the day he died.

Every week, until recently, we received his messages of strength and solidarity. Along with his political commentary he would be remembering his colleagues highlighting the birthday of our beloved Oscar Lopez Rivera.

He wrote reviews of books that denounced Yankee colonialism and as a gifted poet Rafael would often send a poem with the common theme that called on us never to give up on our struggles.

Pa’lante always! He told us at the end of each of his messages and always added in red, “You reach the finish line sooner on your feet than on your knees.”

Just this past January his ninth book “Más allá del espejismo” was presented in Havana, Cuba sponsored by the Pro Human Rights Committee of Puerto Rico.

“That I am Puerto Rican
From my head to my feet
there are no powers or empires
that can sour my conscience.

In his deep conviction to defend just causes, Don Rafael did not hesitate for a moment to accompany us in Washington DC on three different occasions during the fight for the freedom of the Five Cuban Patriots and to end the US blockade on Cuba.

We are deeply moved by his departure and it is difficult to escape the feeling of being orphaned at this time when a man of his stature, with his love for his country and his courage is most needed.

As he requested, there will be no flags at half-mast, not even a minute of silence.

Instead there will be an infinite applause for his life, tall and dignified with his fist held high accompanied by his anti-Yankee rebellious spirit.

Long live Rafael Cancel Miranda! Long live a Free Puerto Rico!

Hasta la Victoria Siempre!

International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity

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