“Cut the Damn Check!”

Detroiters Demand Money Overpaid in Property Taxes amid Corporate Handouts

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By Detroit Fighting Words Staff

A public hearing petitioned by the People’s Slate to address their proposals on the over assessments and illegal payments of property taxes by homeowners in Detroit, attracted hundreds of people to the City Hall Auditorium on the evening of Tuesday, March 3, 2020.

Total estimated costs in the over payments during the course of nearly a decade is between $600 million to one billion dollars.

The City Council and Mayor Duggan’s functionaries failed to present any reasonable solution to the crisis. Numerous community organizations and neighborhood associations were represented and spoke during the hours of public comment. The participants demanded the repayment of their funds and the return of the homes which were foreclosed due to false tax claims.

Two members of the Moratorium NOW! Coalition addressed the audience calling for an immediate halt to all property tax foreclosures and the targeting of the banks and corporations which created the economic crisis through predatory lending, tax abatements and tax “captures”.

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