Protests Erupt After the Police Killing of Hakim Littleton in Detroit

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By Detroit Fighting Words Staff

These photographs were taken on Fri. July 10, 2020 around Palmer Park near the 12th precinct police station where Detroit activists were being detained for demonstrating against the cop killing of Hakim Littleton on San Juan and McNichols on the northwest side earlier in the day.

The shooting occurred during midday and before sundown the Detroit police chief James Craig had already released a video claiming the killing was justified in a failed attempt to close the case in the public mind.

Police in riot gear launched teargas at the demonstrators arresting eight local activists. Several people were severely beaten by police and later charged with disorderly conduct and the threat of felonious assault on activist Meeko Williams.

The family of Mr. Littleton have spoken publicly saying the police are lying about the circumstances of the shooting. They want to take their claims before the Detroit City Council.

Detroit Will Breathe and other organizations are demanding the release of those detained along with an end to the killing of African Americans by law-enforcement.

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