Trump: Hands Off the United States Postal Service!

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By Detroit Fighting Words Staff

Attacks by the Trump administration in Washington D.C. on the essential role of the USPS has drawn condemnation across the country.

In Detroit on Thurs. Aug. 20, 2020 a demonstration was held outside the Grand River station in the Old Redford District on the northwest side.This is the second most frequented outlet for mail service in the area while the location is being threatened with closure.

Postal workers were joined by other labor union members and community residents to loudly say “No” to these efforts aimed at the dismantling and privatization of mail services. Outrage around the U.S. has resulted in some stated reversals by the Trump White House.

Nonetheless, the administration remains committed to utilizing the USPS to disenfranchise millions of voters in the upcoming November 3 national elections. Members of the Moratorium NOW! Coalition were in attendance.

In addition, copies of the August 2020 Fighting Words ( newspaper were circulated among the participants.

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