Demonstrations Demand All Votes Be Counted While Celebrating Trump Defeat

By Detroit Fighting Words Staff

A demonstration was held in the New Center area of Detroit on Wed. Nov. 4, 2020, just one day after voting concluded.

Various organizations and activists spoke out against the attempted coup taking place in the United States where incumbent President Donald J. Trump has already declared victory even though millions of ballots are still being counted.

In swing states where Trump has lost, such as Michigan and Wisconsin, the Republican presidential campaign is launching legal challenges to the results reported by election commissions and secretaries of state.

Various groups and political officials spoke to the crowd on behalf of Michigan Liberation, Detroit Will Breathe, Unite Here!, Moratorium NOW! Coalition, Detroit Federation of Teachers,  Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, Advocates for Baba Baxter, among others. Later the participants marched through the New Center district chanting anti-racist and social justice slogans.

These manifestations are taking place around the U.S. demanding the adherence to democratic rights.

Just three days later on November 7, after the media announcement that President Donald Trump had lost the election to the Biden-Harris ticket, people gathered in the streets across the United States. In Detroit, several labor and community groups rallied and marched in celebration.

Detroit was key in the defeat of Trump in Michigan and overall.

Several speakers addressed the crowd where music, t-shirts and food were in abundance.

Later many people took the streets marching through the New Center and Virginia Park Districts on the west side of the city. The crowd was addressed by Unite Here Local 24, Michigan Liberation, Fight for 15, Detroit Will Breathe, among others.

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