U.S.-backed Haitian Dictatorship Commits Massacres

Haiti Action Committee is honored to distribute this recent press release from Fanmi Lavalas, the people’s party of Haiti.  The statement has been translated from the original Kreyol.

By Haiti Action Committee

In the press release, Fanmi Lavalas exposes the attempts by the PHTK ruling party in Haiti to stage yet another fraudulent election and condemns the war of terror being waged by government-sponsored death squads. Demanding an end to the dictatorial regime of Jovenel Moise, Fanmi Lavalas calls for a transitional government of broad national unity to address the urgent needs of the population and to create the conditions for truly free and fair elections. We hope you will read this important statement and circulate it widely.

Fanmi Lavalas Press Release – September 26, 2020 (Unofficial English translation)

In the name of the National Representative President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, The Executive Committee and its Advisors bring you Lavalas greetings.

Many grave events are occurring in the country. After the assassination of Attorney Monferrier Dorval, Head of the Bar Association of Port-au-Prince, massacres have continued to take place in Bčlč, Solino, Site Solčy, Lasalin, and many other areas of the country. The train of death keeps moving each day and the blood of the people continues to be spilled non-stop since the PHTK has usurped power following an electoral coup d’état.

The dysfunctional electoral council created by the indicted [Jovenel Moise] is yet another violation of the constitution that continues to plunge the country into a deeper abyss. The national mafia and a sector of the internationals have colluded to organize another electoral coup d’état. They even want to replace the constitution of the country by another that is already prepared without the people’s input. They continue to declare war against the population by pouring fuel on the fire of the dictatorship. The intention of this criminal power structure and the international colonizers is to massacre innocent people, and to terrorize the population more each day to destroy our future and bury us alive.

Fanmi Lavalas Political Organization remains steadfast in its commitment to achieve the realization of the legitimate demands of the majority population. Electoral selection is a deadly poison for democracy. All sectors of the population have already stated their position very clearly on this matter. Churches, labor, and civil society organizations, together with the majority of organizations and political parties in the country, are all of a common accord on this.

Faced with this crisis, with its many roots deeply intertwined within the history and structure of the current state, Fanmi Lavalas Political Organization remains committed to the choice made by the Haitian people. It is for a solution based on a historic Unity for a transition that breaks with this ancient system that is crushing the people.

The population is demanding a new beginning. People are urging a re-founding of the state. Together with the population, shoulder-to-shoulder with all sectors with a clear vision, given the necessity to change this model of a plundering government, the time has come to overturn the cauldron. It is imperative to create a Government of Public Safety to accompany the people through the transition for a re-founding of the state.

Fanmi Lavalas believes that that the population is not looking for a new political platform, another political front, a new collective or political grouping in order to pull itself out of this bottomless abyss. It is only the People who can save the People.

Only popular mobilization – with all conscious people, true patriots, honest citizens, political parties or political organizations that choose to join with the people on the road to a transition – finally will be able to pull Haiti out of this present calamity. The solution is not an electoral selection; it lies in the mobilization of the entire Nation that inevitably will quickly result in the transition.

The time has come for all sectors in the nation, all the productive forces in the country, to gather our collective strength and unite with the population to put a stop to the project of this criminal dictatorship. This is a struggle to reclaim our Dignity in a country that will take the road of Progress and Development, in a climate of Peace and Participation of all Haitians inside and outside of the country.

Alone we are weak

Together we are Strong

All Together We are Lavalas

Executive Committee of Fanmi Lavalas:

Dr. Maryse Narcisse

Joël Edouard Vorbe

Dr. Jean Myrto Julien

Agr. Anthony Dessources

Haiti Action Committee
PO Box 2040
Berkeley,CA 94702

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