Nationwide Strike Against McDonald’s

Demand for $15 Minimum Wage

By Fighting Words Staff

A demonstration was held in the city of Detroit calling for a long delayed demand to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour.

This action was called by Fight for $15 and was part of a nationwide strike targeting McDonald’s, a transnational multi-billion dollar corporation known for the super-exploitation of its workers.

The administration of the recently-elected President Joe Biden says it is in favor of raising the minimum wage although the “American Rescue Plan” passed earlier in the year did not include this provision within the $1.9 trillion package. Now with additional pressure from the corporations and the administration compelling people to return to low wage employment, the need for larger salaries, union representation and resources are needed more than ever.

May 19 strike activity included a march and a speak out in front of a McDonald’s on Van Dyke and Outer Drive on the eastside.

Several workers spoke to the crowd on the need to improve wages and working conditions at the company.

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