Europeans Protest NATO Summit as Russia Gains in Donbas

NATO target of anti-militarism protest in Spain
NATO target of anti-militarism protest in Spain. | Photo: Global Look Press / Michael Kappeler

By David Sole

On June 26 thousands of demonstrators marched through Madrid to say no to militarism, imperialism and the U.S./NATO Ukraine proxy war. They gathered from across Spain, with additional delegations from other European countries and even the Middle East.

The protest was scheduled just days before the North Atlantic Treaty Organization held a summit meeting in the Spanish capital set for June 29-30. A second march to coincide with the opening of the NATO summit was banned by the Spanish government. Participants in the anti-militarism event included students, trade unionists and pensioners.

According to the Tehran Times:

“Demonstrators called for NATO to be dissolved and demanded the military bases maintained by Washington in their country’s territory be shut down. Protesters criticized an increase in military spending in Europe which was urged by NATO, saying it poses a threat to regional peace and security.”

One of the march organizers, Javier Martorell was quoted as saying:

“We think NATO is a criminal organization that doesn’t help the working classes…..with them it’s just war and misery. So we don’t want NATO in our country.” Another marcher said : “Twice as much money is being spent on the army and militarism as before, and that money is being taken away from health, education…”

On June 25 thousands demonstrated in Munich, Germany just prior to a meeting of the G7 in a castle in the Alps. The G7 are the major capitalist economic powers, excluding Russia. They are the United States, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, the United Kingdom and Canada.

The anti-G7 protest focused more on the failure to address climate change and social inequality, rather than militarism and imperialism. Still it was reported that 18,000 German police were mobilized in Munich and at the mountain retreat where the G7 met.

The United States and its NATO allies continue to push their proxy war against Russia even as the military situation for Ukraine deteriorates. The Business Insider reported on June 11 that “the Ukrainian military is experiencing ‘massive losses’ and cases of desertion are growing.”

In May a bill was introduced in the Ukraine parliament giving commanders authority to summarily execute soldiers for desertion. The bill was withdrawn on May 24, but the fact that it was introduced highlighted a growing problem.

Perhaps more alarming, and indicative of a growing hostility to the war inside Ukraine itself is the fact that 9 political parties have been outlawed and had their funds seized by the government for being “pro-Russian.” As early as March these 9 and an additional two parties were suspended by Ukraine’s National Security Council with the more severe action taken a few months later. ( 6/16/22)

Meanwhile the Russian Federation forces allied with ethnic Russian Ukrainians in the Donbas region of Ukraine gained control of the city of Severodonetsk in the Luhansk province. The conservative New York Post, part of the Rupert Murdoch right-wing media empire, had to report this advance in Russia’s Special Military Operation, on June 25. Of course the “news report” continued the widespread media slant that Russia cannot continue to gain its objectives and is suffering massive losses. The western capitalist media have almost uniformly given false reports about the war in order to help keep the public from turning against the U.S./NATO proxy war.

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