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Jamal Jr., Mumia’s grandson, with Mumia Abu-Jamal
Jamal Jr., Mumia’s grandson, with Mumia Abu-Jamal. | Photo: Prison Radio

By Jamal Jr, LoveNotPhear 

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Take six minutes of your time to view this video.  It is shocking, honest, and it is a way forward.

Healing the Wounds of Racism by Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Judge Lucretia Clemons Video, transcript

“When you are in a position to stop something wrong, you do it.  I think one of the most important things to focus on is truth and reconciliation. A familiar cry in the street during the social justice protests is ‘No justice, no peace.’ And while I know that many people want peace, they really want quiet. Quiet is not the same as peace. Peace requires justice, and justice requires truth.”

– Judge Clemons

Truth, Justice, and Reconciliation require that the racially based discrimination and trauma inflicted by Philadelphia police and prosecutors against Mumia Abu-Jamal be openly acknowledged and addressed. It is time for the courts of law and the courts of public opinion to acknowledge this historic miscarriage of justice, and right that wrong, by granting Mumia Abu-Jamal relief.

On October 26, 2022, Judge Lucretia Clemons of the Philadelphia Common Pleas Court denied Mumia Abu-Jamal’s petition  for a new trial.  She adopted wholesale the procedural arguments put forward by the Philadelphia District Attorney. Judge Clemons noted in her preliminary denial that even if the jury knew that key prosecution witnesses were paid and promised favors to falsely testify against Mumia, they would still have imposed Mumia’s death sentence; thus making the revelations of corruption moot or “not material.” In a brilliant reply brief, Mumia’s lawyers have skillfully countered this misapplication of law and standards of review while again providing evidence that points to bias in jury selection as well as payments and favors promised by the DA to witnesses for their demonstrably false testimony against Mumia. Included in this dramatic just-revealed evidence is a note from a key witness asking the DA “for his money” after the trial. This letter was buried in District Attorney files for 38 yrs.

Also prevented from being put in the record by multiple previous PCRA court rulings is documentation of additional extreme racial bias in Mumia’s original trial.  Previously Common Pleas Court Judge Pamela Dembe decided that the statement “I am going to help them fry the n—word” by trial court judge Albert F. Sabo was also “not relevant” – that upon her review she believed that even if he had made such a statement, they did not affect any of his rulings in the original trial.  Judge Sabo made that outrageous statement  in front of another PCRA judge Richard Klein and Teri Maurer-Carter, a court stenographer, in the first week of Mumia’s 1982 trial. Specially appointed and sitting in review of his own decisions, Albert Sabo, in a 1995 hearing, ignored the testimony from a witness in Mumia’s trial when she told the court that the DA had promised her a deal to falsely testify against Mumia.

After viewing Healing the Wounds of Racism by Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Judge Lucretia Clemons, we are asking you to send your response to us, – what you want Judge Lucretia Clemons to hear. Do not contact Judge Clemons directly.

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Judge Clemons is a member of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s racial justice and healing commission. This video was her statement for the commission. “The purpose of the commission,” Philadelphia Bishop McIntyre said, “is to look at the sin of racism in the light of the Gospel of our Catholic faith, and then see where we’ve succeeded in addressing it and moved forward, and where we haven’t, and where we need to move forward.”

On December 16, 2022 in Rm 802 9am, Judge Clemons of the Philadelphia Common Pleas Court will either modify, reverse, or make her preliminary denial final of Mumia Abu-Jamal’s Post Conviction Relief Application (PCRA).

Love Not Phear

Jamal Jr.

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