Housing Demonstration Held in Defense of Free Speech

By Fighting Words Staff

On Friday, February 17, 2023, a coalition of housing advocacy organizations gathered on the southwest side of Detroit to denounce the failure of the City administration to guarantee access and availability of low-income quality accommodations for all residents.

Moratorium NOW! Coalition, the Coordinator of the Detroit Tenants Association and a member of Detroit Eviction Defense have all been subjected to unwarranted and meritless lawsuits by landlords aimed at intimidating and harassing community organizers.

All those who spoke including former tenants of Munoz Realty reaffirmed their commitment to winning demands which recognize quality housing as an essential human right in any modern society.

Ms. Agnes Hitchcock of the Call Em Out Coalition who was facing prosecution by the Wayne County Prosecutor up until Feb. 21 for demanding reimbursements of $600 million in over assessed property taxes in the city of Detroit, addressed the press conference and protest.

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