Rent Too Damn High Coalition holds statewide demonstration in Lansing

MI Rent is Too Damn High demonstartion in Lansing, MI on Sept. 5
MI Rent is Too Damn High demonstration in Lansing, MI on Sept. 5.

By Fighting Words Staff

A statewide demonstration took place on Sept. 5, 2023, in Lansing, Michigan demanding solutions to the housing crisis. Organized by the MI Rent Is Too High Coalition, the demonstration drew more than 300 from from cities across the state. Many speakers denounced the rapidly rising rents and the unhealthy and dangerous conditions in rental units. Others spoke of being evicted after demanding repairs and withholding rent. After the demonstration, many participants went inside the State Capitol to speak to elected representatives regarding the coalition’s demands:

Rent Control

Remove the state-wide ban on rent control so municipalities can take action to stabilize rents and protect tenants.

Social Housing

$4 billion for social housing in FY25 state budget

Housing First

$1 billion for people experiencing and at risk of homelessness in FY25 state budget

A Renter’s Bill of Rights

These sums are large, but the need is larger. These policies will halt, and begin to reverse, the spiraling housing crisis that is impacting so many of us and our loved ones.


Demonstration participant speaks in the Rotunda of the Michigan State Capitol Building on Sept. 5:


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