US Seeks Second Front Against Russia

Ukraine proxy war going poorly

U.S. backed protesters in Tbilisi, Georgia threaten neutralist government
U.S. backed protesters in Tbilisi, Georgia threaten neutralist government.

By David Sole

As the military situation continues to deteriorate for the U.S./NATO backed Ukraine government, it appears that the CIA is trying to create a “second front” against the Russian Federation in the nation of Georgia. Mass demonstrations have rocked the capital, Tbilisi, in this country of fewer than 4 million situated to the south of Russia.

On March 7 and 8 tens of thousands of demonstrators packed the capital city to protest a proposed new law on “foreign agents.” The bill would have required organizations receiving more than 20% of their funding from foreign sources to register with the government.  The protests continued for two days, often violently. On March 9 the Georgian government withdrew the controversial bill. The U.S. threatened sanctions against Georgia in an expression of support for the nascent uprising in Tbilisi.

What is most remarkable is that the bill was a milder form of a much stricter U.S. foreign agents registration law. Many other nations have similar legislation. The Georgian protesters claimed the law resembled a Russian law. The law might have revealed just how thoroughly the U.S. CIA has penetrated Georgian society through funding of many NGOs (non-governmental organizations). Georgia’s government currently maintains a relatively neutral position between Russia and the West.

It is precisely how the U.S. government has operated in country after country where the aim is to undermine and overthrow governments that are not subservient to U.S. economic, political and military interests. In 2014 the elected government of Ukraine was overthrown, setting in motion the current proxy war of Ukraine against the Russian Federation

This isn’t the first time Georgia has been the scene of western manipulation. In 2008 Georgia and Russia fought for 5 days. A 2019 report by the influential RAND Corporation proposed that the U.S. could “overextend” the Russian Federation by promoting unrest in the Caucuses, which includes Georgia. That same report advocated the continued arming of Ukraine which had taken an anti-Russian position in the 2014 coup.

It remains to be seen if withdrawal of the foreign agents bill will keep the lid on this U.S. backed unrest.

The driving force in this new development is the continuing deterioration of the military situation on the ground in Ukraine. The city of Bakhmut has, for months, been the scene of a massive battle. Ukraine has funneled tens of thousands of its best troops into the fight, suffering tremendous losses.

As Russian forces have slowly advanced, Ukraine has refused to retreat. Now Bakhmut is nearly surrounded and Russian troops have taken control of the eastern half of the city in fierce, house to house fighting. Should Russia close the noose around Bakhmut, Ukraine fighters would be cut off from supplies, ammunition and reinforcements.

Losing on the ground, the Ukraine government has lashed out by banning over a dozen political parties over the past year. On February 21 the Ukrainian courts outlawed the Party of Regions which had formerly governed the nation under the presidency of Victor Yanukovich who was deposed in the 2014 Maidan coup. All assets of this large political party were ordered turned over to the Ukraine government.

The continuing need to outlaw any political opposition in Ukraine may reflect a growing weariness in the Ukrainian population against the war that made the Zelensky regime a proxy to the U.S. and NATO aims to weaken Russia. The removal of numerous government and military officials for various reasons over the past months must also be interpreted as a growing instability in the Ukrainian ruling class.

“The level of racism is violently obvious and it’s sickening.”

Internationally there have been increasingly large demonstrations in Europe against the endless funding of the Ukraine war as the people of Europe face mounting inflation and threats to social spending.

Inside the European Parliament, Irish MEP  Mick Wallace denounced NATO for the “expansion, intervention and provocation [which] laid the groundwork for the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.”

Wallace went on to say “In my opinion Ukraine is being used by the US and NATO in their war to undermine Russia” and fight “down to the last Ukrainian.” Wallace went on to condemn the unequal treatment of refugees fleeing from different wars around the world. “Is it that the Ukrainians are the same color as us? That they have white skin? That their religion is like ours? The level of racism is violently obvious and it’s sickening.”

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