Paul Robeson Tribute Concert Held in Detroit

By Fighting Words staff

On Saturday, April 8, 2023, there was a concert performance by Tayo Aluko at the Carr Center in Midtown.

Aluko has studied and performed music sung by the legendary Paul Leroy Robeson (1898-1976) whose 125th birthday was on April 9. The singer was accompanied by Detroit Jazz pianist Bill Meyer.

The event was sponsored by the Michigan Peace Council.

According to his website:  “Nigerian-born Tayo Aluko is an actor, singer and playwright, based in Liverpool, UK, where he worked previously as an architect. His multi-award-winning play, CALL MR. ROBESON has been performed as far North as within the Arctic Circle and as far South as New Zealand, with a performance at New York’s Carnegie Hall in February 2012.

“A radio play about Robeson, PAUL ROBESON’S LOVE SONG, was premiered on Robeson’s birthday, April 9, 2021, and is now streaming online. His second full-length play, JUST AN ORDINARY LAWYER, was premiered in August 2016 and has already been performed in five countries.”

Aluko has been supporting the Justice for Keith Lamar Committee. Lamar is a death row inmate in Ohio.

During his time of incarceration, Lamar has become a poet and author of a book. Lamar was able to call in and recite a poem during the Paul Robeson tribute concert.

For more information on Tayo Aluka go to his website at:

To learn more about the Justice for Keith Lamar Committee log on to:


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