U.S./NATO Push Preparations for World War III

NATO reserve organisations meet at NATO HQ
NATO reserve organisations meet at NATO HQ

By David Sole

The U.S./NATO proxy war against Russia in Ukraine is going badly for its puppet regime. Running low on trained troops and heavy military hardware, Ukraine is struggling to launch a long talked about “spring offensive” to possibly reverse its recent losses.

Despite this, or perhaps because of it, the United States is pushing for a major expansion of NATO’s military capabilities and readiness to commence war against Russia on many fronts.

A New York Times article on April 17 had the alarming subheading “NATO is becoming the war-fighting alliance it was during the Cold War, committed to defending ‘every inch’ of its territory from Day 1.”

The article notes that the U.S. dominated NATO wants “more troops based permanently along the Russian border, more integration of American and allied war plans, more military spending and more detailed requirements for allies to have specific kinds of forces and equipment…”

One of the driving issues in the Ukraine war was the threat to bring Ukraine into NATO furthering the encirclement of Russia by NATO’s expansion. Most recently Finland has been incorporated into NATO.

A change in NATO strategy is also described in the Times article. Instead of being prepared to respond to a theoretical Russian incursion into a NATO member nation, the doctrine is shifting to fighting immediately and massively in any of the NATO states bordering Russia.

“NATO now has deployed a battalion of multinational troops to eight countries along the eastern border with Russia. It is detailing how to enlarge those forces to brigade strength in those frontline states to enhance deterrence and be able to push back invading forces from the start. And it is also tasking thousands more forces, in case of war, to move quickly in support, with newly detailed plans for mobility and logistics and stiffer requirements for readiness” according to Times’ writer Steven Erlanger.

It should be noted that NATO is commanded by U.S. General Christopher G. Cavoli who also heads all U.S. military forces across Europe. What isn’t discussed is that Russia has not threatened NATO but is responding to serious NATO military threats against it. NATO has troops stationed in Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland and the small Baltic States. “NATO now is planning to scale up to brigade-sized forces, meaning putting about 4,000 to 5,000 troops in each country to make NATO’s enhanced deterrence ‘a more robust tripwire” according to former defense adviser to NATO Robert G. Bell.

What isn’t discussed, and which poses the greatest danger, is that the U.S. and NATO have large stocks of tactical nuclear weapons at their command. With NATO preparing a “robust tripwire” it would be very easy to fabricate an incident that could result in a military confrontation with Russia. It is also easy to imagine the escalation of such a conflict to include battlefield nuclear weapons. Such a scenario could easily grow to a full scale nuclear conflagration.

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