United States Keeps Propping Up Ukraine Proxy War

More billions in weapons from the U.S. to Ukraine like the long-range ATACMS missiles
More billions in weapons from the U.S. to Ukraine like the long-range ATACMS missiles. | Photo: missilethreat.csis.org

By David Sole

The attention of the entire world has shifted to the growing crisis in Gaza and away from the war in Ukraine. Israel, another proxy agent of United States imperialism has targeted the 2.3 million Palestinians in that “open air prison” for annihilation. This follows the major attack by Palestinian fighters who broke out of that prison on October 7, causing over 1300 deaths among Israeli soldiers and civilian settlers. The death toll inside Gaza from Israeli “retaliation” has risen to over 4000, mainly civilians, with a large percentage of those being children.

Bombings continue as well as a siege preventing food, water, medicine and fuel from entering that Palestinian enclave. Many thousands more have been wounded and hundreds of thousands have been displaced with nowhere to flee.

But there is no letup as the U.S. struggles to keep its Ukrainian proxies fighting the Russian Federation. Even with the complete failure of a much anticipated “Spring Offensive” by Ukraine which started on June 4, 2023, the U.S. aim is to weaken Russia no matter what the cost to the Ukrainian people.

On October 20, President Joe Biden announced that he was seeking an additional $106 billion of supplemental funding from Congress for “security” projects. More than $60 billion is for the Ukraine war, adding to the over $100 billion already supplied to Ukraine in weapons and financial aid.

Another $20 billion is for Israel’s war on the Palestinian people and an additional $7.4 billion would be directed against China. A further $10 billion is slated for operations at the southern border directed against immigrants.

This request for funds, of course, must still get Congressional approval. With the Republicans controlling the House of Representatives and in total disarray, it is unclear how soon such an appropriation might be approved.

Ukraine has also received long-range ATACMS missiles from the U.S. The Army Tactical Missile System missiles have a range up to 190 miles, about double the distance of previously supplied U.S. and NATO weapons. TASS news agency reported on October 19 that “Washington will now supply them to the Kiev regime on a regular basis and in greater numbers.”

Washington will keep channeling tens of billions of dollars to keep the Ukraine war going, despite the widely accepted knowledge that Ukraine cannot achieve any of its stated objectives by military means. Meanwhile, public opinion in the United States is turning against this endless drain on resources which many believe could be better used to relieve poverty here at home.

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