PFLP Statement from November 5, 2023

Palestinians resist Israeli invasion of Gaza
Palestinians resist Israeli invasion of Gaza. | Photo:

By The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

The enemy’s perpetration of a new massacre in Al-Maghazi and the continuation of the war of extermination is evidence of bankruptcy, incapacity and confusion.

The zionist enemy has committed a new horrific massacre at the Maghazi camp at dawn today, which resulted in the martyrdom of more than 40 citizens and injured dozens, most of them children and women. The continuation of the genocidal crimes against defenseless civilians, especially children and women in their homes, and the wide war of destruction, is an attempt by the occupation to compensate for its crushing defeat at the hands of the valiant resistance on the Gaza borders.

The occupation’s recent perpetration of more massacres, the expansion of targeting civilians, the destruction of fishermen’s boats, water tanks, the continuation of the starvation war against our people, the targeting of journalists, medical crews, civil defense personnel, and ambulances, is evidence of its incapacity and bankruptcy in achieving any field accomplishment, or any real progress on the battleground in Gaza. Hence, it tries to compensate as usual by directing its treacherous hatred at civilians, while its forces, armor, and vehicles are struck blow after blow and destroyed by the heroes of the resistance from point blank.

The legendary epic scenes embodied by our resisting heroes from the various military wings clearly show that we are on the threshold of achieving a historic victory over this criminal enemy who is floundering in its incapacity, failure, and historic defeat, and the fall of the myth of its invincible army in the face of the will and steadfastness of the heroic resistance in the battlefield, who fulfilled their promise to turn the sands of Gaza into a graveyard for the zionist invaders.

The American, French, and British enemies, with their fleets and warships and their unlimited support for the entity and their false, pro-zionist media machine, will not be able to protect this defeated zionist entity and its cowardly leaders from its impending defeat, nor erase the disgrace that befell it due to the magnitude of the blows it suffered, and the abject failure it experienced over the days of the Battle of Al-Aqsa Flood.

The Front calls on the sons of our Arab nation and the free people of the world to continue the unprecedented mass mobilization in the capitals and cities of the world, especially in the United States, Britain, France, and Berlin. These have proven their effectiveness and strong impact, and what we are witnessing of changes in the official Western discourse indicates the strength and impact of this pressure, and confirms that we are facing important transformations in public opinion, which has begun to uncover the reality of the zionist entity and its bloody criminal nature that has transcended Nazism.

The Front renews its call to the Arab states to use their capabilities, especially the oil weapon, to pressure for a halt to the aggression on Gaza, confirming that we are facing a historic opportunity to unify the Arab nation and redirect the compass toward the real enemies, the zionists and the colonial West.

The resistance is in good condition and is fighting the battle with unparalleled heroism and high capability, and victory will inevitably be its ally in the end, no matter how much the tyranny of this zionist enemy and the evil forces of the world persist, or the collusion and complicity of some zionist Arab regimes.

Glory to the martyrs…
Freedom for the prisoners…
Speedy recovery for the wounded.
We will surely be victorious.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Central Media Office
November 5,-2023

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